What Is Bakersfield Sports Nutrition All About?

To be brief, we’re a team of local fitness enthusiast focused on Transforming Lives from the Inside Out. You can find us in our 4 ( soon to be 5 ) stores, right here in good ol’ Bakersfield, CA. This is our hometown, this is our focus.

We are also research nerds, who have a passion for all things diet, nutrition, exercise, anti-aging and of course, supplements.


Like you, we got here because of our personal desires for change. For transforming our own lives. For breaking through plateaus, and crushing our physical and mental goals.

We soon realized, that our own research, experimentation with countless diets, supplements, herbs, and workout routines could all be used to help other people. We LOVE to teach, because we love to learn, because we love to grow. And we know that not everyone has the time to spend 40+ hours per week to figure this stuff out. You’ve got a job, a family, or school and sports to worry about. (Or you just don’t enjoy geeking-out over medical journals like we do :D)

So our goal became sharing the knowledge of What Works [and what doesn’t] that we’ve gained through decades of experience in the trenches. And Tens of Thousands of customer feedback and testimonials we’ve been able to analyze.

  • We want to save you Time.

    We’ve done the research, we’ve applied it, and we’ve got the results.
    We know what works, so you don’t have to guess and aimlessly waste your time trying to figuring it out.

  • We want to save you Money.

    [Yeah, a retail business that wants to save customers money… crazy, right?!]

    We’ve also paid for the experimentation, so you don’t have to. Our team and company has invested over $100,000 in research, testing, and sampling, so you don’t have to wonder if your money is going to get you results. It will, we always guarantee it.

  • But most of all, We want to get You RESULTS. Period.

    That’s what our company is about. That’s what this website is about.
    That’s what our Insiders e-mail list is about. We are in the business of transforming lives. Come in to one of our 4 stores and join our e-mail list so we can start, support, and finish your transformation.

[Insert Email opt-in “Begin Transformation”]

When you join our Insiders list, read our blog and check in at our website, you’ll get a few different things to help you in your fitness journey:

  1. You’ll learn what the most popular products and stacks in Bakersfield are, and Why everyone’s taking them.
  2. You’ll see honest testimonials from real Bakersfieldians you already know and trust.
  3. You’ll get incredible and exclusive promotions not available anywhere else. Yep, Insider exclusives!
  4. You’ll know about the newest and upcoming products before anyone else. [Stay ahead of the fitness curve!]
  5. You will get the facts, made easy to digest and easy to apply! Real-world tested & science-backed articles, information, and tips, made easy to digest, and easy to apply!
  6. You’ll probably get a bit of our humor thrown in occasionally ;)
  7. You’ll get fitness and supplement Industry insider secrets and cutting-edge info. [We’ve gotten to be pretty connected with some of the top professionals, owners, manufacturers etc. over the years]
  8. You’ll get video interviews with fitness professionals, supplement manufacturers, and product reviews.
  9. You’ll be awesome!*

*Can we legally make an “awesomeness guaranteed, or your money back” claim? Interweb Police, please let us know!

Our Story

We opened for business in 2011, but the roots of Bakersfield Sports Nutrition go back a few years further…

It all started in 2007 when Jerry opened DS Nutrition on Stine and White lane.  In 2011, Jerry and another of the DS employees got together and Opened BSN.