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How I Raised my Low Testosterone levels from 79 to 660!

I am going to share a personal story about low testosterone that I think a lot of men can relate to. ( and if your a woman who thinks her man might have low testosterone, please read on!)

Last year I went to the Dr. for annual blood work. I had been feeling a little tired and worn out, like maybe I was starting to get “old”
( I turn 38 in October ).  But aside form that I felt great. I eat well, exercise regularly, I don’t smoke or drink.

Anyway, when the Dr. walked into the room with my Lab results she said ” I am concerned about your testosterone… it is very low!” Honestly i was shocked and a little embarrassed.  I asked her ” how low?’  And she said ” well, the normal range is for 300 to 900…. and your a 79. That is the level of an 80 year old man and you are only 36″ (Turns out feeling old was really just low Testosterone!)

She told me my options were to retest in 90 days to see If my levels were any higher, or else I could go on testosterone replacement therapy for the rest of my life. I hate needles and really didn’t want to have to go the Doc twice a month for test injections. Thats 24 doctors appointments per year, for another 45 years… Thats 1,080 Drs appointments! ( No Thanks)

Now, I thought about this for a few minutes and decided that doing nothing wasn’t an option.  Being stuck with “low T” meant feeling tired, old, and run down.  Worst, and kind of embarrassingly, it meant my sex drive wasn’t what it should be, and being brutally honest, that was negatively affecting my relationship with my wife.

I decided I was going to see If I could make some changes to bring it up naturally, and if that didn’t work then I would go ahead and take the testosterone therapy.

So I went “in the lab” ( the internet on my laptop ) and did some research. I made some changes to my supplement routine and  I went back in to be retested.  After a few days the Doc called me and told me my results were in.

BOOM!…testosterone was up to 660!  

If you want to know exactly what I did to increase my low testosterone levels by over 800 percent keep reading!
These are the products that I actually took

I decided that I was going to add a natural test booster to my daily routine, but what I eventually settled on was’t a test booster, but rather three products combined.  See, I knew that while I would much rather just pop one pill a day and be done, that just wasn’t going to give me what I needed to really crank my test levels up the way I wanted.

Thing is, most natural test boosters are a one or two pill a day dose, and while that’s super convenient, it only allows you to take about 1 gram of active ingredients a day and thats just not enough to get everything  that you need.

And because most products are trying to cram everything into an inadequate, one or two pill dose they can’t address all FOUR CRITICAL AREAS to reversing low testosterone.

Those four areas are:

1.)  Addressing specific nutrient deficiencies ( like Zinc and Vitamin D3)
2.) reducing female hormones ( like estrogen and prolactin )
3.) ” blocking” SHBG ( a protein that binds to your testosterone to make it unusable by the body )
4.) Improving sleep quality

Addressing Nutrient Deficiencies

See, as men we make testosterone in our testicles, and if we are low on certain nutrients our boys downstairs won’t be able to produce test like they should. This where the Vitamin D3 from Exotest and the Zinc Aspartate from Prime PM come into play.  With these two crucial nutrients being taken in, our buddies down under have what they need in order to get to work.

Reducing Female Dominant Hormones

Now, with our boys ready to crank up the test production we have to make sure we are addressing two critical female hormones atet are present in males as well.  The first female hormone Is one most guys haven’t heard of, and its Test smashing name is prolactin.

Prolactin works as a sort of cap on testosterone production.  If prolactin is high test will be low, which sucks, but whats worse is elevated prolactin can lead to increases in nipple size, lumps under the nipple and even lactating in men.  (Gross for sure )

You want prolactin levels to be low, and luckily both Exotest and PCT Rx include effective doses of Mucuna Pruriens.  Mucuna has been shown in studies to be very effective at lowering prolactin which removes the cap on test production that comes with high prolactin.

The second female hormone we need to address is the dreaded Estrogen.  Scary fact: most of the estrogen in a mans body used to be testosterone!  See, Once testosterone is produced in the testes it enters the blood stream where a sinister enzyme knows as Aromatase “attacks” and turns it into estrogen! Lame… so we need to target the Aromatase enzyme and ” lock it up” so that it can’t turn our test into estrogen.  PCT Rx includes Adrosta-3,5-Diene-7,17 Dione, which does exactly that.  By binding to and deactivating the aromatase enzyme, “Androsta” in PCT Rx works to keep estrogen levels low and testosterone levels high, just the way you want it.

Blocking SHBG

Sounds like you’ve got a lot of obstacles to producing testosterone, right? It gets worse!

Even if you get your test production sky high, and your estrogen production low there is another villainous molecule prowling around in your bloodstream looking to “deactivate” your testosterone!

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, or SHBG, binds to your testosterone rendering it inactive.  See, testosterone most be “free” in order to bind to receptor cites inside your body in order to exert its positive effects.

So even if you get your testosterone all the way up to 900, ( the top of the range that Docs test for )
about 90 perecent of it is bound by SHBG!  So you are only left with a tiny 10 percent free to exert its positive effects.  Unacceptable!

This is where Exotest really shines.  Divanyl (3,4, divanillytetrahydrofuran) is an herbal extract that has been proven in multiple studies to very effectively bind to SHBG.  This is really key as no matter how much test you make, the majority is bound to SHBG, so no matter what natural test booster you take, if it doesn’t have Divanyl it isn’t truly effective.

Improving Sleep Quality

So to recap: You’ve got Zinc and D3 so your boys can get their job done.

You’ve got Mucuna to blow the cap off test production

“Androsta” is keeping estrogen low and test high.

Then you’ve got Divanyl keeping SHBG busy so all of that test can stay FREE.

The only other thing that you need to do is ensure that you get the best sleep that you can.  See, testosterone is produced largely as you sleep.  And As crazy as life can be, more sleep isn’t always possible. But what you can focus on is more productive sleep.

Prime PM contains Alpha GPC, Valerian Root, Phosphatidyl Serine and 5-htp, all of which work to help you get into REM sleep more quickly and go through more REM cycles per night.

REM is that deep sleep that you need to ensure optimal test production ( and growth hormone too! ).  So Prime PM will help you sleep better and make however many hours you sleep more efficient and productive.

Look, as a guy, being stuck with low testosterone sucks. ( to be fair it sucks for a girl to be stuck with a guy with low test too! ) Anyway, You feel old, tired, and short tempered.  Your sex drive isn’t what it should be, and a lot of the time that causes serious problems in your relationship.  You start gaining fat more easily especially in the midsection, and your workouts suck, assuming you even have the energy to get to the gym regularly.  This is exactly what i suffered through for far too long.

The good news is you don’t have to deal with feeling tired or run down. You don’t have to deal with low sex drive.  You don’t have to deal with having low testosterone. I noticed a change within a few days of starting this stack, and recommended it to several friends who gave me great feedback.  At that point we started recommending it in our stores and the feedback there from customers has been equally good.

If you want more energy, more muscle, better sex drive, and less midsection fat,  and you want it from safe, natural increases in testosterone then I want you to give this stack a shot.

These products are not synthetic, they aren’t pro-hormones or SARMS.  These products work with your body naturally.

Talk soon,


Co-Owner, BSN

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Top 3 reasons you should be drinking coffee!

There is a good chance that you started your day with Coffee today. In fact
54% of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee every day.

That means over 150 million Americans make coffee a part of their day.

     But its not just 1 cup, they drink an average of 3 cups a day! That’s tons of coffee… literally. But what about the roughly 150 million Americans who don’t drink coffee? Some don’t like the taste, but many don’t drink coffee because they think that it is bad for them.

But the truth is, Coffee has some pretty amazing health benefits. I am going to share a few with you, so its get to it!

1.) Coffee has powerful anti cancer effects!

According to researchers, Drinking 2 cups of coffee daily reduced the likelihood of developing liver cancer by 27 percent, prostate cancer by 3 percent and endometrial cancer by 12 percent.

2.) Coffee can help you live longer!

Harvard researchers compared the tolemere length of coffee drinkers to non coffee drinkers.

( Tolemeres are a kind of biological clock, the longer your tolemeres the longer you live. )

What they found is that those who drank 2 cups of coffee had longer average tolemeres.

According to the researchers: “Our findings suggest that higher consumption of coffee – especially caffeinated coffee – is associated with longer telomeres, but additional studies are needed to clarify how coffee consumption is involved in telomere biology”

Wow, caffeinated coffee, but not decaf, extended tolemere length!

LONG LIVE COFFEE! ( and those who drink it! )

3.) Coffee helps fight and prevent depression!

According to research published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, those who drank coffee daily were at a reduced risk of depression. What’s really cool is that for each cup of coffee consumed the risk went downy 8%. That means….

Quick math- if you drink 12.5 cups of coffee a day you will have a zero percent chance of depression! And your house will be spotless and you garage organized! (I am not a doctor-although I do play one on television- drink 12 cups a day at your own risk!)

So, live longer, feel better, less likely to get cancer….sign me up!

I do love coffee, my preferred drink is either a great cold brew, or a double espresso with a little heavy cream. Let me know how you like your coffee, or if you have a favorite local coffee spot. ( Rig City is super good! )

Talk soon,

CO Owner, BSN

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Bakersfield Woman doing Cardio

Article Author: Jerry Teixeira

Jerry Teixeira Bakersfield Sports Nutrition

Is Fasted Cardio Best for Fat Loss?


      This is one of the questions that clients ask most often, and it is an excellent question to address due to the fact that (like most questions pertaining to fitness) there is so much conflicting information out there.  

To make matters worse, the answer can be either yes it is better than, or no, it is not better than cardio in a fed state depending upon who is doing the cardio.  

So which is it for you? Is Fasted Cardio best for you, or should you eat?  Read on to find out…

Bakersfield Woman doing Cardio
Image Credit: Viktor Hanacek

    In order to see who fasted cardio works best for, we first need to have a small biology lesson. (oh boy!)  

To keep this as simple as possible, let’s look at what has to happen for the body to burn fat…

The 3 things that need to happen in order to “burn” fat:  

First, fat (specifically fatty acids) need to be mobilized ( released from  the fat cell ).  

Second,  fat needs to be transported.

Third, once transported, fatty acids are then burned (oxidized)

All cardio that is done will increase all three of these prerequisites for fat loss, however recent studies have shown that:

  1. Fatty acid oxidation (actual fat “burning”) is highest after 6 or more hours of fasting.
  2. Even small elevations in insulin pre exercise appeared to limit fat oxidation during exercise
  3. Endurance training done in a fasted state leads to metabolic adaptations to increase energy production from fat oxidation ( your body gets better at using fat for fuel)


As we can see, cardio done in a fasted state provides an ideal environment for fat burning, but beyond that it has also been shown to increase fat burning in hard to  reach “stubborn” areas (think lower back and Abdominals for men, hips, thighs and butt for women)  

Fat loss is difficult in stubborn areas partly because these areas suffer from poor blood flow, and lack of blood flow means lack of fat burning hormones getting into the fat cells in these areas.

Fasted cardio has been shown to increase the flow of blood to these “stubborn” areas and therefore is great for helping an individual target the last 10 to 15 pounds of fat loss that often seems so elusive.


Based on what we have learned so far, fasted cardio may seem like the way to go for everyone all the time, but there are a few things to consider first.


Thing 1.) some people suffer from lack of energy and ultimately, training intensity when training in a fasted state.  Any benefit that you would get in terms of fat loss from a fasted state may be negated by the lower number of calories burned from performing cardio with less intensity than you would have in a fed state

Thing 2.) Duration of cardio.  Fasted cardio for a prolonged period may produce an environment where you are actually losing lean tissue.  Gains in muscle do not come easy, so lean mass preservation is very important, especially because muscle is quite active metabolically and the more muscle you carry the better your metabolism will be.  

Thing 3.) What is your current bodyfat level?  Fasted cardio will have the biggest benefit over cardio in a fed state for people who are at the lower end of the bodyfat spectrum and are trying to lose “stubborn” fat.  ( the last 10 to 15 lbs or less sub 12 to 15 %bodyfat for guys and sub 16 to 18 percent for girls)


Takeaway: The most important factor to consider when assessing whether to do your cardio fasted or not is this- The most important cardio is the cardio you will actually do consistently.  If the only time you are fasted is when you first wake up and  you can’t get the cardio in at that point, just do it at whatever time your schedule permits.

However, if you are looking to burn that last 15 pounds or less, fasted cardio is likely the ticket.  Just be sure that your cardio is truly fasted (no food for 6 or more hours pre cardio).

So the next question you may be asking yourself is: “What exactly is the best type of cardio to do in a fasted state?”  I will answer that next week.  

What other questions do you have about cardio? Post your questions and comments below, I will answer every one of them.


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WIN 3 MONTHS OF FREE LEAN MEALS (giveaway ends Friday 3/4/16 11:45pm)

We’ve got something SUPER cool for you today.  

Take a moment to just dream with me for a sec…

What if you didn’t have to cook dinner for the next 3 months?  

What if you didn’t even have to think about what to eat for dinner or your lunch for the next 3 months?  

These could be your next awesome meals:

Bakersfield meal Prep Faith For Fit
Hellooo awesome food…Goodbye cooking & grocery shopping!

No guessing at what types of food are going to help you get the body of your dreams…

 Imagine… No grocery shopping.. no packed lunches, even no clean-up!

 Wouldn’t half the battle of getting healthy, burning fat, or building lean-muscle already be won?

That’s what this giveaway is all about. Helping you make major progress on your fitness goals this year!

 We’re working with the awesome team over at  They’re a local-owned, husband and wife, Faith-based fitness business who take the guess-work out of eating healthy by making quick, easy, and delicious foods… custom to your fitness goals and taste.

 I was eating lunch with Chris and Melinda (the owners) the other day at their restaurant and realized we have to introduce our BSN Insiders to this business! It’s so stinking good, and makes eating healthy a cinch.


So what we all came up with doing is giving away 2 prize levels. 


1. The “grand prize” is 90 MEALS free from Faith For Fit Meals.  Yep, your lunch or dinner could be covered for the next 3 MONTHS!

[Yeaaaah buddy!]


 2. The Runner-up wins 30 MEALS free from Faith For Fit Meals.  

[A month off of cooking? Heck Yes!]

 Combined, the prizes are worth over $950. WooHoo!


We know how important “diet” is when it comes to achieving your ideal body, and all the fitness goals you have this year.  So, we want to take the majority of the work out of it.

 Head over to our giveaway page now:

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[Special thanks to Chris, Melinda & the whole team at Faith For Fit Meals for co-oping this with us!]


**PS** There’s no catch.   We want to introduce you to great tools and other killer products to help you achieve your goals this year… and give you the opportunity to win some awesome free stuff.


**PPS** Click here to enter your chance to win 3 months of Free meal-prep meals.   And make sure to pay attention to the instructions on how you can multiply your entries by sharing with friends]… 


…Every friend who enters gives you 3 more entires. More Friends = Bigger chance to win :)

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Bakersfield Fitness Made Simple

Getting Fit With Less Time, Energy and Effort

Wether you want to build more lean muscle, lose another 20 lbs, or even 50+ pounds, or just get more energy; you’ve probably read or heard you need to do an enormous amount of things right to “get fit”.  It can be overwhelming, and hard to figure out who to listen to, where to start, or what really even matters at all.

Bakersfield Fitness Made Simple

I’m a big fan of concepts like the Minimum Effective Dose [MED], GTD method for productivity and Pareto’s Principle.. which is what we’ll be applying to fitness, to find out how to make the fastest transformation.

And in order to stay brief and effective, I’ll give you a short overview of the principle, why it matters and how you can apply it in a near check-list style for fitness— most specifically for changing or transforming your physique.

20% of your actions/efforts, will produce 80% of your results.

And oversimplified way of saying it is: Don’t major in the minors.

Focus on the few things, that give disproportionately huge results.

And the inverse is true and says that the other 80% of our actions/efforts, produce only 20% of our results.

And unless you’re a specialist, like a surgeon, nuclear submarine builder, world-class performer etc. you want to avoid this side of the equation and put your efforts into the first 20%.

Why do we want to focus first on those few things that make the BIGGEST changes? Because we’re limited on time. We’re limited on how many things we can do well and do consistently.

Life is pulling us in a million different directions.

Work, school, marriages, children, social life, church & community efforts, gym time, finances… the list goes on. We need to maximize our time, and our efforts, and get the most we can out of them both.

Instead of spending hours and hours trying to research the latest fad that will only change our life .001%, or hours and hours trying to hit every single exercise possible for your arms, or months trying to pick the absolute perfect diet for you, before you get started…

You’re better off cutting out all the fluff that wastes your time, distracts you from taking action, and gives only minimal results for a lot of time, effort or energy..

Or as one of my favorite books of 2015, Essentialism
[affiliate link] taught me through a quote by Dieter Rams:

Here’s a simple 80/20 analysis of Physique Transformation:

[visible, noticeable, change of you body]

There are 3 categories that make the absolute BIGGEST changes in your body, fast. Ignore everything else for a 1–2 years if you’re new to fitness.

For the majority of people, their results come from these 3 categories of fitness, and at approximately these percentages:
Diet- 60%+ [start here!]
Exercise- 30%
Supplements- 10%
[Up to 25%, depending on if you have access to exceptionally high quality, effective products and formulas]

Ok, you may be thinking,  “That’s great, so we know to focus first on our Diet first, and put the most attention and effort into eating right for our body and goals.. but how do we break that down even further?”

What are the few, most important things you need to focus on in your diet, exercise and supplement plan?

Here’s how we break down and do an 80/20 analysis on each of the big 3 fitness categories:

1. Diet – How you eat

1. Get your total calories on track for goal
2. Get your Protein quantity to 1g X target body weight
[yes, especially for weight loss & “toning”! Example: I weigh 160 and want to lose weight down to 130, then 130 x 1g protein = 130 grams per day of protein]

2. Exercise- How you move

1. Get progressively stronger: More reps, more weight, or more intensity.
2. Quality sleep 7-9 hours per night dependent on body needs.
3. Deadlift variation
4. Pull-Up variation
5. Squat variation
6. Bench-press or Dips
7. For weight loss and fat-burning add Mid to High Intensity based cardio [pending no medical issues prohibit this]

3. Supplements- Your secret weapon

1. Protein- [e.g. ISOFIT, LEANPRO6, MyoLean, Isoflex] (most people under eat— see diet#2)
2. Appetite suppressant fat burner– [e.g. Oxyphen XR2, FUTR LEAN, Ember- Fixes #1 issue in diet— over eating)
3. Mimetics– [e.g. FUTR TEST, FUTR LGND, FUTR VAR, INSANITY 2.0 etc.] ( these offer disproportionate gains in muscle and fat loss in very short time periods 30 days)
4. Pre-workout– [e.g. FUTR FORCE, FUEL get-my-butt-to-the-gym motivation]
5. Weight-gainer– [e.g. Critical Mass- if you’re bulking and fast metabolism]
6. Creatine HCL – [e.g VAL-KRE]

Action Step:
Comment on this post and let me know, what’s one thing you plan to cut out of your 80% of effort/time/energy that is barely giving you any results.

It could be something like:

  • I’m going to stop spending hours, trying to find the perfect routine [this was me!]
  • I’m going to stop trying to find the perfect gym shoes, clothes, or meal-prep tools, and just get started on what matters.
  • I’m going to stop obsessing about counting every last calories in every bite I eat.
  • I’m going to stop trying to find exercises to “spot reduce” fat. [hint, they don’t exist]
  • I’m going to stop trying to find the perfect diet, and just focus on getting the correct amount of calories in for my goal.
  • I’m going to stop trying to find the perfect arm routine and just focus on getting stronger on pull-ups [hint: science shows they work better for growth]