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The Stock Up Saturday Deals Are Live!

UPDATE: Ok, so this event was huge! We had hundreds and hundreds of people out, meeting with the best brands, Pro Bodybuilders.. oh yeah, and you guys got majorly hooked up with your favorite supps.

Now, some of you were bummed that you missed out [and we were too!].

So what I want you to do, is jump on our e-mail list [up top, or down below!]. You’ll never miss another sweet special again.

That’s where we pre-release the deals the earliest.  And where we send out info for events like Stock UP Saturday, Black Friday [this was massive last year], and a few other specials.

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Is eating 6 meals per day really best for fatloss?

jerryWhen I first started out on my fitness journey I was serious about results. I wanted to ensure that everything I was doing was optimal and would give me the best results possible. I read every fitness and bodybuilding magazine I could find. I spent countless hours on various websites, blogs and just about anywhere I felt I could learn about fitness.

According to every so called guru or expert I could find, if I wanted to get any kind of results at all I was going to have to start eating six meals per day. For several years I went through the cumbersome process of buying food for, preparing, and eating six meals per day. For me this was an incredibly taxing pursuit and ultimately felt like a second job.

Over the years new science and studies began emerging that looked at the validity of the superiority of the six meal a day protocol. Much to my embarrassment, these studies ultimately came to the conclusion that there was no true benefit to an increased meal frequency so long as the goal amount of food consumed per day was the same. This was music to my ears as it allowed me to go back to eating three meals a day. Which works a lot better with my schedule and drastically reduces the amount of time I spend cooking and preparing meals. Leaving me more time to pursue things that I enjoy: spending time with my family, going to church, researching, and even sneaking in the occasional video game (shh!).

Here are the key points that can be learned from the studies

  • Eat in the number of meals that helps you stick to your target calorie intake for the day. It really is that simple, crazy, right?
  • So, if eating more frequently makes it easier to control or reduce calories, it will help you to lose weight/fat.
  • If eating more frequently makes it harder to control or reduce calories, or makes you eat more, you will gain weight.
  • If eating less frequently makes it harder for you to control/reduce calories (because you get hungry and binge), it will hurt your efforts to lose weight/ fat
  • If eating less frequently makes it easier for you to control/reduce calories (for any number of reasons), then that will help your efforts to lose weight/ fat
  • 3 meals per day provided no benefit over 6 meals per day in a calorie matched diet

What would you do with the added time that you free up by eating fewer meals per day? Answer in the comments below!

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Stock Up Saturday – The Event You Don’t Want to Miss!

UPDATE: The DEALS Are Live!!! [<<–]


UPDATE: The DEALS Are Live!!! [<<–]  [SEE MAP]

Have you been to one of our legendary Stock Up Saturday events? If yes, well, we know we’ll see you at this one! It’s going to be bigger and badder than ever (aka the most Epic deals yet)!

If not… AH! We are SO sorry we haven’t connected with you to come to our past events. Seriously, we owe you an apology for not getting the word out to you before!

These are by far thee most exciting and fun days for our BSN Family (that’s you), as well as for our Team. We LOVE these events! Getting to hook all of our customers up with the craziest deals and most results for your dollar is the best.
Check out this quick promo video of last year’s…

Deals will be slowly leaked before the event. BSN Insiders will hear about them first, and will be getting exclusive deals in the meantime ;)

If you’ve got any questions about this event, go ahead and post them in the comments below!

We’ve got a question for you: What’s your favorite part about our Stock Up Saturdays?
Post in the comments below.

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Hello world!

We’re currently building out our brand new website. Please excuse any bugs along the way! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter in order to get any important updates and promotions!

We are incredibly excited as a team and company to finally be able to connect with the BSN Tribe direct from our website where we can share articles written by our team, keep you updated on all the latest products, industry trends, crazy promotions and epic events we throw.