Getting Fit With Less Time, Energy and Effort

Wether you want to build more lean muscle, lose another 20 lbs, or even 50+ pounds, or just get more energy; you’ve probably read or heard you need to do an enormous amount of things right to “get fit”.  It can be overwhelming, and hard to figure out who to listen to, where to start, or what really even matters at all.

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I’m a big fan of concepts like the Minimum Effective Dose [MED], GTD method for productivity and Pareto’s Principle.. which is what we’ll be applying to fitness, to find out how to make the fastest transformation.

And in order to stay brief and effective, I’ll give you a short overview of the principle, why it matters and how you can apply it in a near check-list style for fitness— most specifically for changing or transforming your physique.

20% of your actions/efforts, will produce 80% of your results.

And oversimplified way of saying it is: Don’t major in the minors.

Focus on the few things, that give disproportionately huge results.

And the inverse is true and says that the other 80% of our actions/efforts, produce only 20% of our results.

And unless you’re a specialist, like a surgeon, nuclear submarine builder, world-class performer etc. you want to avoid this side of the equation and put your efforts into the first 20%.

Why do we want to focus first on those few things that make the BIGGEST changes? Because we’re limited on time. We’re limited on how many things we can do well and do consistently.

Life is pulling us in a million different directions.

Work, school, marriages, children, social life, church & community efforts, gym time, finances… the list goes on. We need to maximize our time, and our efforts, and get the most we can out of them both.

Instead of spending hours and hours trying to research the latest fad that will only change our life .001%, or hours and hours trying to hit every single exercise possible for your arms, or months trying to pick the absolute perfect diet for you, before you get started…

You’re better off cutting out all the fluff that wastes your time, distracts you from taking action, and gives only minimal results for a lot of time, effort or energy..

Or as one of my favorite books of 2015, Essentialism
[affiliate link] taught me through a quote by Dieter Rams:

Here’s a simple 80/20 analysis of Physique Transformation:

[visible, noticeable, change of you body]

There are 3 categories that make the absolute BIGGEST changes in your body, fast. Ignore everything else for a 1–2 years if you’re new to fitness.

For the majority of people, their results come from these 3 categories of fitness, and at approximately these percentages:
Diet- 60%+ [start here!]
Exercise- 30%
Supplements- 10%
[Up to 25%, depending on if you have access to exceptionally high quality, effective products and formulas]

Ok, you may be thinking,  “That’s great, so we know to focus first on our Diet first, and put the most attention and effort into eating right for our body and goals.. but how do we break that down even further?”

What are the few, most important things you need to focus on in your diet, exercise and supplement plan?

Here’s how we break down and do an 80/20 analysis on each of the big 3 fitness categories:

1. Diet – How you eat

1. Get your total calories on track for goal
2. Get your Protein quantity to 1g X target body weight
[yes, especially for weight loss & “toning”! Example: I weigh 160 and want to lose weight down to 130, then 130 x 1g protein = 130 grams per day of protein]

2. Exercise- How you move

1. Get progressively stronger: More reps, more weight, or more intensity.
2. Quality sleep 7-9 hours per night dependent on body needs.
3. Deadlift variation
4. Pull-Up variation
5. Squat variation
6. Bench-press or Dips
7. For weight loss and fat-burning add Mid to High Intensity based cardio [pending no medical issues prohibit this]

3. Supplements- Your secret weapon

1. Protein- [e.g. ISOFIT, LEANPRO6, MyoLean, Isoflex] (most people under eat— see diet#2)
2. Appetite suppressant fat burner– [e.g. Oxyphen XR2, FUTR LEAN, Ember- Fixes #1 issue in diet— over eating)
3. Mimetics– [e.g. FUTR TEST, FUTR LGND, FUTR VAR, INSANITY 2.0 etc.] ( these offer disproportionate gains in muscle and fat loss in very short time periods 30 days)
4. Pre-workout– [e.g. FUTR FORCE, FUEL get-my-butt-to-the-gym motivation]
5. Weight-gainer– [e.g. Critical Mass- if you’re bulking and fast metabolism]
6. Creatine HCL – [e.g VAL-KRE]

Action Step:
Comment on this post and let me know, what’s one thing you plan to cut out of your 80% of effort/time/energy that is barely giving you any results.

It could be something like:

  • I’m going to stop spending hours, trying to find the perfect routine [this was me!]
  • I’m going to stop trying to find the perfect gym shoes, clothes, or meal-prep tools, and just get started on what matters.
  • I’m going to stop obsessing about counting every last calories in every bite I eat.
  • I’m going to stop trying to find exercises to “spot reduce” fat. [hint, they don’t exist]
  • I’m going to stop trying to find the perfect diet, and just focus on getting the correct amount of calories in for my goal.
  • I’m going to stop trying to find the perfect arm routine and just focus on getting stronger on pull-ups [hint: science shows they work better for growth]


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