The one thing you can do to dramatically improve your success (for weight-loss & building muscle)

In a minute, I’ll give you a sneak peek into the most important part of one of my big goals this year.  It’s something that’s almost embarrassing to share with tens of thousands of people.  And I haven’t shared it with anyone.

But I realized something yesterday…

Yep.. I messed up.  I think we need to take a step BACK.


The last few weeks we’ve talked about ditching New Years Resolutions in favor of Goals [you can catch up here, if you missed it].

And we got a ton of great questions about how to help achieve those goals.

In fact, we’ll be writing up detailed blog posts on a few of them that are too in-depth to answer in a quick email.

There was a problem with all of that though.

The problem is, I forgot one GIANT thing. Something I know better than to leave out, because it is absolutely crucial in my personal goal setting every year.  In fact, it’s also crucial in how I raise my family, how I operate my business, and live my life as a follower of Christ.

And I can sum it up in one word.


What’s your key motivation?
What’s your purpose behind this goal?
What’s at stake if you don’t achieve it?
What’s at stake if you DO achieve it?

What would be measurably different in your life tomorrow morning if you woke up and you had exactly what you wanted?

It’s about really digging in deep, and being authentic and even vulnerable with yourself so you can find your #1 Why.

I almost didn’t send this next part…

But then I realized, I have to be vulnerable first, in order for others to follow suit, so they can take the next step towards achieving their biggest goals this year.

But before I reveal some of my WHYs, let me give the 30 second back story first:

Almost 6 years ago now…
[just to show, if you don’t fix your problems NOW, half a decade will fly by before you know it]
I injured myself deadlifting [basically picking up a bar off the ground that’s loaded with weights on each side if your’e not familiar with this lift].

They were these awkward plates that aren’t evenly round circles, so they twist a bit when you’re lifting.  And when they hit the ground, you never know if it’ll be the low point, or the high point.

AKA Dangerous when maxing out!

The bar hit the floor, everything bounced all wonky.  Next thing you know, I’ve torn multiple muscles, in my back, neck, dislocated disks and have a neck that convulses and locks up when I turn left. (I’m no longer an ambiturner)


deadlifting in bakersfield
(BSN team member Drew deadlifting 495 Lbs. last year)

Long story short, fitness has been very challenging the past 5 years, but more importantly I let my injury become an excuse.  An excuse that lasted several years too long.

But if I once was in great shape and know how to get there, have access to the best supplements in the world, and have spent almost 15 years learning about diet, nutrition, training and everything fitness… why couldn’t I get my injury fixed and get back to where I once was?

It’s simple.  I didn’t have a strong enough WHY to push through the messy middle.

You must know your WHY to improve your odds at success (in anything)


I didn’t have a true, authentic and deep enough conviction that mattered to me, and that I connected with.  One to push through the struggles, to get up early before the kids were awake, to pivot and make a new plan every time my preferred style of workouts aggravated my injuries.  Or to just get it done, even when work and life were busy.

And you’ll need one [or more] too, because no great goal will come easy.  It will get challenging, and if your WHY isn’t big enough, you’ll quit.  You WILL hit a wall.

We’re already a few days into February.
(wow, that happened FAST right?!)

How have your goals been going?  Are you struggling?  Have you thought about quitting? Have you already given up?

In a minute I’ll ask you to take another big action to help ensure your success at what matters most to you this year.

But first, let me lead the way.

I’ll start off being a little more vulnerable than I feel comfortable being in front of thousands of people. But to be honest, that uncomfortable feeling was what queued me in to knowing it was the exact thing I needed to do.

When you start to feel uncomfortable with actions in your goals, it typically means they’re big enough and important enough to truly matter.  You’re headed in the right direction.

So push through that fear and take action, before it has a chance to cripple you and stunt your growth. [Can you tell my theme for 2016 is Massive Action? ;-) ]

Let me give you a sneak peek into a few of my Top WHY’s for one of my major goals this year.

Bakersfield fitness goals and your why

Your WHY may be similar to some of mine, it may be entirely different! As long as it matter deeply to you, you’re on the right track.

Now I want you to take a moment, go back to your #1 fitness goal for the year and write your biggest, most meaningful WHY behind this goal.

And that’s your assignment today:

Assignment #1: Identify your what [goal] and your why.

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Assignment #3: Have a friend who needs help with finding or accomplishing their one big goals? Send them a link to this blog post or click the “share” buttons at the bottom. We want everyone in Bakersfield making massive progress on their fitness goals.


And remember: There are a lot of things out of your control. But the starting line (the “what” and the “why”) are in your control.

6 months from now, where will you be?

And of course, you can always swing by to any of our stores in Bakersfield to get in-person help on crushing your fitness goals this year. Wether you want to lose weight fast, build more lean muscle, buy your favorite supplements in Bakersfield, get free fitness advice or even a free diet plan, we’re here to help.

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