Top 3 reasons you should be drinking coffee!

There is a good chance that you started your day with Coffee today. In fact
54% of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee every day.

That means over 150 million Americans make coffee a part of their day.

     But its not just 1 cup, they drink an average of 3 cups a day! That’s tons of coffee… literally. But what about the roughly 150 million Americans who don’t drink coffee? Some don’t like the taste, but many don’t drink coffee because they think that it is bad for them.

But the truth is, Coffee has some pretty amazing health benefits. I am going to share a few with you, so its get to it!

1.) Coffee has powerful anti cancer effects!

According to researchers, Drinking 2 cups of coffee daily reduced the likelihood of developing liver cancer by 27 percent, prostate cancer by 3 percent and endometrial cancer by 12 percent.

2.) Coffee can help you live longer!

Harvard researchers compared the tolemere length of coffee drinkers to non coffee drinkers.

( Tolemeres are a kind of biological clock, the longer your tolemeres the longer you live. )

What they found is that those who drank 2 cups of coffee had longer average tolemeres.

According to the researchers: “Our findings suggest that higher consumption of coffee – especially caffeinated coffee – is associated with longer telomeres, but additional studies are needed to clarify how coffee consumption is involved in telomere biology”

Wow, caffeinated coffee, but not decaf, extended tolemere length!

LONG LIVE COFFEE! ( and those who drink it! )

3.) Coffee helps fight and prevent depression!

According to research published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, those who drank coffee daily were at a reduced risk of depression. What’s really cool is that for each cup of coffee consumed the risk went downy 8%. That means….

Quick math- if you drink 12.5 cups of coffee a day you will have a zero percent chance of depression! And your house will be spotless and you garage organized! (I am not a doctor-although I do play one on television- drink 12 cups a day at your own risk!)

So, live longer, feel better, less likely to get cancer….sign me up!

I do love coffee, my preferred drink is either a great cold brew, or a double espresso with a little heavy cream. Let me know how you like your coffee, or if you have a favorite local coffee spot. ( Rig City is super good! )

Talk soon,

CO Owner, BSN


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